Sweetseeds – 15 – Years 2005-2020 -Catalog

Fifteen years of passion, hard work and research devoted to our beloved plants and seeds.

Throughout 2020, we shall
present eight new strains that are guaranteed to delight.

We start with our first innovation, Red Pure Auto CBD® (SWS81); this is an autoflowering strain with high CBD levels and low THC levels that will seduce you with its beautiful red flowers. The second and third newcomers derive from our potent Gorilla Girl® (SWS74), a strain that can produce THC levels of up to 31%. So, if you love “Super Strong” strains, we present two of our favourite upcoming plants: the long-stemmed, lush autoflowering Gorilla Girl XL Auto®(SWS82) and the ultrafast flowering Gorilla Girl F1 Fast Versio® (SWS86). Another addition to the “Super Strong” family is our fourth novelty: the delicious Red Hot Cookies® (SWS83), which is a cross of Tropicanna Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie) x Tangie. The fifth newcomer for 2020 will be Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version® (SWS85).

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