AMAZON & Sellers Ripping Off Customers Looking For CBD Products – Sign Our Petition Stop The Fraud EVERY CBD ITEM WE PURCHASED FROM AMAZON WAS BULL**** AND HAD NO CBD.

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Just because it says “Hemp Extracted or Hemp Oil” does not mean it contains CBD. I repeat “Hemp Extracted or Hemp Oil” does not mean it contains CBD.
But when it comes to emerging markets, especially those that help with a persons health and well-being like pharmaceuticals and Natural supplements, there will always be the con-man and con-women that emerge as well.
CBD Hemp News noticed something quite peculiar when we ordered a few items from Amazon we wanted to review for this channel.
Every time we researched a CBD product to buy, mainly gummies because we love those things.
Side note, it’s been said you must eat 2 gummies at same time so they won’t die in loneliness.
But, every time we searched for a CBD product to buy on Amazon using the keyword “CBD” we noticed something that caught our eyes.
After reading the labels on each item we noticed none, and I mean none of the so-called CBD products we purchased on Amazon had any CBD CONTENT whatsoever.
In fact, one of the products we purchased flat out indicated it had NO CBD!!!
It first became apparent when each supposed CBD products labeling on the Amazon had the words “Hemp” instead of “CBD”.
Why did this catch our eyes. Well I’m sure most of you noticed that online CBD retailers prominently display,
not only the word CBD (or acronym in this case) but the CBD content in milligrams and/or as a percentage.
This is not meant to be a promotion for our sponsor Oregon CBD Extracts, but after speaking with co-owner Joe Sko, he informed CBD Hemp News that Amazon has not allowed him to list their CBD preroll brand, CBDoobiedoo in the Amazon store.
He also says he doesn’t think they allow any products to have CBD in it.
Joe was confirmed of this a few hours later after our conversation with a response from Amazon.
If you look at the screen shot Joe sent us of his communications with Amazon it seems to us that Amazon clearly does not allow CBD products to be sold in their store.
Again, looking at the screen shot from Joe, Amazon in fact, does not allow CBD products whats-so-ever.
This really confuses us at CBD Hemp News???
I mean, really really really
A look on Google Trends show an obvious spike in the keyword CBD in the past few years. Not only that, but if you look at the amount of Amazon reviews each supposed CBD product has, its staggering.
You cant even calculate how many fraudulent CBD -products have been sold, because not every buyer leaves a review.
Another obvious clue, which should have been a big red flag for everyone. Is the price difference online CBD retailers sell their actual CBD products compared to the HEMP items listed on Amazon.
You should be really, really mad at Amazon and their sellers for this.
It seems to us here at CBD Hemp New that there might be a hidden conspiracy to destroy the CBD market by selling snake oil to the masses, then pulling the rug from everyone.
Yes, we know that sound a little far-fetched, but truth is always stranger than fiction.
Also, this obviously doesn’t bode well for everyone involved in the real CBD hemp markets.
Jeez what a load of BULL***
We here at CBD Hemp News feel very mislead and you should too. Because of this we created a petition for Amazon to de-list products in there store that they have listed under the keyword search results CBD.
Help us fight this bull**** by filling out our petition titled
“For Amazon To Un-List The Items Listed Under The “CBD” Keyword In Their Search Results”
Help us get Amazon to stop bull**** of misleading people by selling false CBD products and to issue immediate refunds to all that have been duped.
I wonder if this could be considered a class-action lawsuit.
It will take less than 60 seconds to fill out the petition. Link in the description.
So please, click the link in the description below to help us make this needed change and save the CBD Hemp industry before it’s too late..
If you don’t have time to fill the petition then what do you think?

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